Bill and Susan have hearts of gold – honey gold! The Palmers have been members of WHPA since 1993. According to the Palmers, “When we moved from the city to a rural area, one of the first things we did was plant fruit trees.  We patiently waited 3 years for fruit, but there was no fruit.  Every spring there were blossoms on each of the trees, always the promise of fruit. One day we were reading an article in the newspaper about pollination and the lack of bees in our area to fill the need.  That was when we first embarked on the wonderful world of beekeeping starting with one hive.  The next year the fruit trees blossomed and through the wonders of pollination we had hundreds of peaches in late summer.  The bees did their job.”



The Palmers went on to keep over 120 hives and began their journey as beekeepers. Bill and Susan have served in many areas of the Association.  Susan served as Treasurer for the WHPA and Bill was Southern District Chair for a number of years.  They volunteer at the WI State Fair honey booth and provide honey as bidders.  They give incredible support for the Honey Queen program, both on the state and national level, participating in auctions and providing honey products for the Queens to use in their travels and promotions.  Since joining WHPA, they have not missed conventions, summer meetings, District meetings in many districts, or other events (except for health issues).  They have stepped up often to help with any tasks needed. Bill has demonstrated his “how-to-make-it-yourself” skills with beekeeping equipment and has been a regular contributor to articles in the Badger Bee. Bill and Susan are often sought out for media interviews, articulate and confident promoters of honey and beekeeping to the general public.  They have worked tirelessly to ensure that they offer the finest products to best represent beekeeping and the honey industry while introducing new customers to the joy of honey. In addition to their WHPA membership, they are active members of the American Beekeeping Federation and have served as delegates from Wisconsin to the ABF conventions.  The couple are not shy about encouraging fellow beekeepers to widen their network as they promote membership to the WHPA and ABF as well as local clubs. They do not pass opportunities to meet other beekeepers from nearby neighbors to across the country, always learning and gaining knowledge to pass on to the next new friend. They are true WHPA pioneers! Congratulations Bill and Susan!