Certified Honey - Application Process

To apply for Wisconsin Certified Honey status, the applicant completes the Certified Honey Application  form, submits the lab test results, and a $50 application fee to DATCP.    DATCP will provide written notice of  acceptance or rejection of the application to the applicant.  Bee on White FlowersAn accepted application is good until December 31 of the next odd-numbered year.  A successful applicant can use the “Wisconsin Certified Honey” wording on any label they choose to make.  WHPA will provide members of the logo in electronic format once the application has been approved.  Contact Tim Fulton for the logo file at tfulton.whpa@sbcglobal.net.

The law and the rules do not charge DATCP with creating any kind of testing program to prove or disprove whether honey is meeting the standard of identity.  The law does allow a private lawsuit by a person who suffers damages as a result of violation of the honey standard.  The law also allows DATCP to take action against a person who violates the honey standard or misuses the Wisconsin Certified Honey wording. 

The labs below preform the Stable Carbon Isotope Ratio analysis which is required for certification.  Neither of these companies is endorsed by DATCP or WHPA.  They are listed only because they are known to provide such testing.  Other labs that offer the Stable Carbon Isotope Ratio analysis may be used.


The estimated the lab analysis costs are about $250.

Link to DATCP contact information

Potential licensees would need to contact the Licensing Specialists for a copy of the application; their number is a voicemail system, they return calls within 24 hours or less.


Photo Credit: Jo Anne Langemak