Welcome to the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association

The WHPA promotes the use of honey and hive products, as well as research into beekeeping problems and issues. The association also supports the honey queen program, which works to promote honey use across the state of Wisconsin.

The WHPA provides a good connection to other regional, state and national beekeeping organizations. The spring and summer meetings, and the fall convention are good places to pick up information, learn up-to-date techniques for beekeeping, and to network with other beekeepers, large and small. The Badger Bee provides communication from the world of beekeeping, information on current events and connections with suppliers of beekeeping related supplies and services.

Our Mission

The WHPA was organized in 1864 by the beekeepers in the State of Wisconsin. The purpose of the WHPA is to form a strong bond and fellowship among commercial and hobby honey producers to effectively:

Protect the honey producing industry of Wisconsin from policies and environmental changes that will negatively affect honey production.

Improve the marketing of honey and bee products by supporting and promoting the Honey Queen Program, advertising, and scientific developments beneficial to honey producers and the industry.

Support and promote educational programs by disseminating scientific developments and by sharing knowledge among members.

Support and promote educational programs aimed at public acceptance of the honeybee in our environment.